Special Report: Inside Iran’s secret project to produce aluminium powder for missiles

That is, between technologies related to attack and those related to defense. Elements of power and geopolitical keys” the importance of development and technology in the current world order. During the last few months, Iran has demonstrated the power of its military capacity, despite the sanctions imposed by the United States. An investigation carried out by the Reuters news agency has revealed that, in the middle of the desert in the province of Khorasan, in the northeast of Iran, the Islamic Republic is producing aluminium powder for its missile programme. According to the report, based on the testimony of a former Iranian government official and on documents to which Reuters has had access, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – a branch of the Iranian Armed Forces – has been responsible for leading this procedure in a secret facility located near the town of Jajarm, where there is a secret facility that for the last few years has been producing aluminum powder for use in a missile program. Aluminium powder, derived from bauxite, is essential for creating solid fuel engines used to launch missiles. Iran began manufacturing this product more than five years ago, according to former official Amir Moghadam, interviewed by Reuters, who from to was head of public relations and head of the parliamentary affairs department in the office of the vice president of executive affairs, which at the time oversaw some economic policies. Moghadam has admitted that he visited the facility twice and that production continued after he left the Islamic Republic. The distance between Washington and Tehran has increased in recent years, mainly after the US abandoned the nuclear pact, a decision taken by Trump because he believed that the US was not fulfilling its commitments.


Preface – While MAPLE Business Council promotes bilateral trade, investment and entrepreneurship between Canada and the United States focused on our primary markets of Southern California and New York, as an executive—level networking organization we do not pursue advocacy or public policy. With the modernized trilateral agreement having just entered into force on Canada Day, July 1st, we want to add our voice of opposition to the imposition of tariffs on Canadian aluminum and especially when it is done so in the name of national security when Canada continues to stand with the United States as its closest ally and partner.

Our focus right now should be on North American economic recovery, not levying duties. Canada is an important and secure aluminum supplier to U.

aluminum powder for the production of missiles. Reuters has consulted dozens of documents related to this project dating from to

A small X-ray irradiator Varian VFJ X-ray tube has some advantages over the conventional radioactive sources for equivalent dose determination, as required for example in the process of luminescence dating of sediments and sherds. One advantage of the X-ray irradiator is that the photon energies below a few keV, which may cause an error in the equivalent dose value, can be eliminated by an aluminum absorber. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

Reprints and Permissions. Hong, D. Optimum aluminum absorber thickness of a small X-ray irradiator for equivalent dose determination. J Radioanal Nucl Chem , — Download citation. Issue Date : August

Antique Art Deco Aluminum Light Fixture, c. 1930

Aluminium 26 Al , Al is a radioactive isotope of the chemical element aluminium , decaying by either positron emission or electron capture to stable magnesium The half-life of 26 Al is 7. This is far too short for the isotope to survive as a primordial nuclide , but a small amount of it is produced by collisions of atoms with cosmic ray protons.

A search for ‘fossil’ Mg26 from the decay of m.y. Al26 in an aluminum-rich (​plagioclase feldspar) phase of several stone meteorites has.

Braidy Industries said it will build a 2. Eastern Kentucky has lost 8, coal jobs in the last decade, leading many young workers to leave the mountains. The latest: Judge rules Bevin administration must name owners of publicly subsidized Braidy Industries. It will create enormous opportunity for people in the region. Michael E. Greenup County Judge-Executive Robert Carpenter said in a statement released by the state that Braidy’s project will bring new and long-range opportunities.

Jack Mazurak, spokesman for the economic development cabinet, said some of the Braidy jobs may go to residents of nearby Ohio and West Virginia. Consider this: Legislators have high hopes – and some unease – about investment in aluminum company. Besides vehicles assembled at Ford Motor Co.

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The contention that the use of aluminum-containing antiperspirants Only a single case report dating back to is available on one worker.

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Recently, awareness has been raised concerning the need to decrease the total environmental footprint throughout the life cycle of a medicine, including the packaging materials. Aluminum, a highly energy-intensive metal, is widely used in blister packages together with polymers. However, these blister packages suffer from poor recyclability, with the clear majority of waste blister packages WBPs disposed of in municipal solid waste, therefore often being incinerated.

In the current study, the separation of aluminum from the polymer in WPBs was investigated to make Al available for direct recycling at a secondary Al facility. Moreover, the polymer layer also gave indications of the presence of Cl. WPBs were subjected to electrohydraulic fragmentation, where the effects of the gap between electrodes 10—40 mm , the amount of pulses 50— pulses , pulse frequency 2—5 Hz , and discharge voltage — kV on the separation process were systematically investigated. The current study contributes toward improving the circular economy of aluminum as well as the reduction in energy consumption by a new application of electrohydraulic fragmentation for pharmaceutical blister packages.

Optimum aluminum absorber thickness of a small X-ray irradiator for equivalent dose determination

Aluminium powder, derived from bauxite, is a key ingredient in solid-fuel propellants used to launch missiles. Iran started producing the powder for military use more than five years ago, according to the former official, who from until was head of public relations and also parliamentary affairs envoy in the office of the vice president for executive affairs, which at the time oversaw some economic policies.

The ex-official, Amir Moghadam, said he visited the little-known facility twice and that production was continuing when he left Iran in Reuters reviewed more than a dozen documents relating to the aluminium powder project and people involved, dating from to Iran has long said its missile programme is solely defensive.

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The move is raising tensions between the two allies. Trump accuses Canada of flooding the U.S. market with its raw, unprocessed aluminum.

Aluminium foil. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Aluminium is all around you—from everyday items such as a soft drink can to the aircraft flying overhead. Aluminium is one of the most useful materials known to man. It can be alloyed mixed with almost any other metal to create materials with useful properties. Metals alloyed with aluminium are all very strong yet lightweight, and resistant to rusting. After oxygen and silicon, aluminium is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust 8.

Unlike metals such as copper, gold, lead, iron and zinc which have been used by humans for thousands of years, aluminium has only been in common use for a little over years. This is because aluminum is never found in its pure state in nature. So while humans knew about aluminium compounds, they only discovered how to extract aluminium metal in the late s.

Aluminium can be extracted uneconomically from some clays but the most common aluminium ore is a material called bauxite. First the aluminium ore needs to be mined, then the bauxite is refined into alumina aluminium oxide.

Aluminum dating

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Chapter two provides a brief history and future prospects for the aluminum sector in In just 10 years dating from the end of the s mobile network coverage.

Canadian Share of Imports into the US. Last year, the Trump administration wisely removed these tariffs amidst U. The Aluminum Association, which represents more than companies across the entire industry value chain, strongly supported — and continues to support — this decision. Fully 97 percent of U. These jobs depend on a mix of domestic and imported primary aluminum to meet demand, including from countries like Canada.

The Aluminum Association has long argued for a more targeted U. Imports of primary aluminum from Canada today are consistent with long-term trends long pre-dating the imposition of Section tariffs. Reality: State-subsidized aluminum overcapacity in China continues to be the fundamental trade challenge facing the U. While targeted trade enforcement activity, including successful antidumping and countervailing duty cases , have reduced imports of Chinese aluminum into the U.

Over the past five years, aluminum overcapacity in China has grown by 60 percent and increasingly that metal is being exported to third party countries , further distorting global markets.

Optimum aluminum absorber thickness of a small X-ray irradiator for equivalent dose determination

See April release for related information. Since developing the aluminum industry, and throughout our history, our talented Alcoans have followed on with breakthrough innovations and best practices that have led to efficiency, safety, sustainability, and stronger communities wherever we operate. Visit us online on www.

Braidy Industries said it will build a million-square-foot aluminum rolling mill near South Shore, marking another win for Kentucky’s growing.

Aluminum A Canonized Cosmochemical Conundrum. This study focuses on the challenges associated with the historical development of the interpretative role of 26 Al as both a thermodynamic contributor to planetesimal formation processes and an acutely precise chronometer of protoplanetary disk events. Given that 26 Al is the parent material of meteoric 26 Mg excesses, then certain minimum criteria must be met before 26 Al can be accepted as a fine-tuned chronometer or the proposed chief source of internal heat for planetesimals.

First, 26 Mg excesses must be genuine and solely a result of a specific decay pathway associated with 26 Al decay rather than an artifact of extraneous factors, including analytical method biasing or data misinterpretation. Secondly, 26 Al was uniformly distributed throughout the protoplanetary disk at least within the orbits that terrestrial bodies reside. Last, the original 26 Al concentration in the protoplanetary disk must be known before this isotope can be considered a chronometer.

It is also worth mentioning that if any of the aforementioned criteria are not satisfied, then the case for pointing to 26 Al as the chief internal heat source for planetesimals or as a viable chronometer fails.

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