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If any of these things bother you, you should turn back now. AN: Happy holidays friends. Hope you’ve all enjoyed this time of year. This story should have been out a few days ago, but I went away over Christmas and didn’t have access to Internet that didn’t cost a fortune, so it’s a few days late, but considering my last Christmas didn’t get out until January, I’d say this is an improve. Twas the night before Christmas and Harry Potter couldn’t help the moan that escaped his mouth. Although, in his defence, he challenged any other man, or woman for that matter, to remain silent as Daphne Greengrass performed oral sex on them with her talented mouth. The room, their room in fact, was dead quiet, save for the odd moan he couldn’t withhold and lewd sounds Daphne made as she sucked on his cock. And while the room wasn’t well lit, the sole source of light coming from a bedside lamp, there was enough for Harry to see how sexy his girlfriend was, wearing a white spaghetti strap silk nightie that ended just below her gorgeous ass.

51 of the Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction Stories on the Internet

Body swaps , first popularized in the personal identity chapter of John Locke ‘s Essay Concerning Human Understanding [1] , have been a common storytelling device in fiction media. Novels such as Vice Versa [2] and Freaky Friday [3] have inspired numerous film adaptations and retellings, as well as television series and episodes, many with titles derived from “Freaky Friday”. In , Disney Channel held a Freaky Freakend with seven shows that featured body-swapping episodes.

The following shows have a body swap as a major storyline or feature a character who has swapped bodies over multiple episodes.

Daphne is a film studies nerd looking for someone to watch movies with Aleasha & Daphne: Movie date gets five star rating She memorized all the movies and I have a novel-length fanfiction Daphne: I wasn’t surprised that we were matched, especially after I found out that we both like Harry Potter.

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Disclaimer: No copyright intended! I just own this fanfic, everything else belongs to J. Mostly AU. Some Ron and Ginny bashing. Ginny also won’t have any moments of being possessed in this story. Rated T.

Harry and Lord Voldemort are family. Unpleasant, yet inevitable in the small, slightly incestuous wizarding world. The key to this is Harry’s.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Death is not the end. After dying in the middle of his seventh year while escaping from Gringotts, Harry finds himself back in time and thirteen years old. With a strange, new ability, he is determined to make the best of things and change the future for the better.

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You live among monsters, you become a monster. Fuelled by intense hatred for muggles, Harry takes a vow to become a name that the muggles would lean to fear. Will the Butcher rise? Or will he find it in his heart to forgive them? Lily Potter has been extremely lonely since Harry got married, and happens to see her son with his three wives.

When dumbledore confronts harry and daphne greengrass a naked daphne greengrass, dramione fan fanfic with katie being meted out to. Template: exploited.

Original Link: Harry and His Ladies. Asking someone what they thought of Harry, you could get a variety of different answers. The truth was he was just a slacker, and this fact is no truer than it was today. Which was how Harry got himself in this situation. As Harry turned his head to look at his beautiful little blonde tutor, his smirk was enough of an answer to make her whimper annoyed. Because of his failing grades and lack of focus, Hogwarts had proposed a tutor program to help Harry with his grades.

He was here, in this very same seat, waiting at the school library after class, when his tutor first arrived. Pretty was an understatement, she was hot. Her tits might not be her biggest assets, but they looked adorable in her petit frame; not to mention her nice legs, slightly squinted eyes and slightly up-curved smile…. As love-struck as he had been when first seeing her, he quickly found out how easy the girl was to annoy. Or are you too afraid to let Snape know you failed?

Yep, his tutor was none other than Slytherin Daphne Greengrass, the young witch who every guy in the school lusted after. Seriously Harry, what do you win by doing that?

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Track This Story: Feed. New Account. Print Chapter Report Abuse. The sun sat high up in the clear powder, blue sky, sending hot rays down to warm her skin that kept getting spotted by the spray of the water. Two years had passed since that fateful day that Harry had sent her away. Two long years, and although it seemed that physically Daphne had recovered from the shock of the command; mentally she was sick and dazed.

You’ll have to date one eventually,” Daphne said. “Yeah, I guess.” ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽.*:☆゚. ───. Pansy’s eyes roamed the library, watching.

Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Daphne didn’t stop her enraged pace until Pansy finally caught up with her outside the school. The Slytherins were all heading in a pack towards Hogsmeade, where they were all ‘expected’ to travel by Floo Powder home.

In reality, everyone knew that no Slytherin family would be home tonight I said just what everyone was thinking back there! Now, even if we wanted to go back and pretend to be on their side, we can’t! Now they all know we’re out to get Potter because YOU had to open that great, gaping hole in your face that you frequently stuff food into! Pansy stood there and stared at her as if she had just hit her in the face with a broomstick.

Annoyed with her stupidity, Daphne ripped her arm out of Pansy’s grip and continued down the hillside.

21 “Harry Potter” Fanfictions To Read Before You Die

Bio Fav: Stories. But unlike her family, her sister Petunia, her mother Rose and her father Hugo, Lily had two major differences to the rest of the family. Not because of him avoiding and disavowing her moves in the Wizengamot, but because of one simple thing Delphini Riddle is vey observant, that observant that she could see that Harry Potter was in trouble. Walking around the Astronomy Tower, she sees that Harry Potter is looking to commit suicide

Family members · Daphne Greengrass (sister) · Draco Malfoy (widowed husband​) · Scorpius Malfoy (son) · Lucius Malfoy (father-in-law) · Narcissa.

All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents. Filter: 0 Filter You won’t see stories with a lower score when you browse or search. The characters and universe portrayed here are not my invention or my property. You already knew that, right? If you didn’t, maybe you should put down Mommy’s computer and go play with some crayons.

Ice Princess “Potter. No immediate threat; he relaxed a fraction. Yes, the pressure was getting to him and he was getting strung pretty tight. The voice apparently belonged to Daphne Greengrass. Strange that he didn’t recognize it. Though come to think of it, she didn’t talk much and he didn’t remember her ever speaking to him before. And why me? If I don’t pass, my father will take me out of school.

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Basic Information. Full name: Kahl Tsuda Ataka. Nickname: Empty Space Due to his tendency to disappear every month late at night.

“Probably one of the best ‘soul-bond’ Harry Potter fics I’ve ever read. “I don’t read fanfiction too often, but this one is a story even those who.

After the first task of the Tri-wizard tournament, Harry Potter surprised the whole school, getting through without any injuries, and in record time. He had to pass the Hungarian Horntail, a brutal and fierce dragon, and he made it in world record time — ten minutes to be precise. This earned him a total of 47 out of 50 points and a lot of respect from the other two schools, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. The other three champions respected him greatly and saw him in a new light.

Many other Hogwarts students also respected him, including a few Slytherins. The Yule Ball was announced to take place on Christmas night and the students had to do rehearsals and pick a date for the Ball. Harry was reeling, not knowing who he should ask, and to top it off, the pretty girls were already taken, including Cho Chang. He decided to just forget about the Chinese Ravenclaw witch.

He didn’t want to ask Hermione out, but gently said, “Hey ‘Mione, I want to take someone with me to the Ball, but I want someone outside of Gryffindor. Hermione thought that was good.

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The lists below describes notable works of fiction involving time travel , where time travel is central to the plot or the premise of the work. For stories of time travel in antiquity, see the history of the time travel concept. For video games and interactive media featuring time travel, see list of games containing time travel. This list describes notable novels and short stories in which time travel is central to the plot or the premise of the work.

Time travel is a common theme and plot device in science fiction films.

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We all want more of Harry Potter beyond the seven novel series dreamed up by J. Rowling and the timeless eight film blockbuster franchise. So where exactly do you go when searching for more of the fantastic universe introduced to us by The Boy Who Lived? If re-imaginings of the acclaimed series that answer all the “What ifs From Fanfiction. And as a longtime fanfic reader, I’m here to tell you, fans of The Boy Who Lived are an incredibly imaginative bunch.

From multi-chapter stories that dream up epic romances about popular “ships” shorthand for relationships like Draco and Hermione, to time traveling adventures and mature erotica rated “M” that will make you clutch your pearls, there is a story for everyone. Some can be a bit rough around the edges, but a fair warning: once you read one, it’s hard to stop.

So while it’s nearly impossible to give kudos to every amazing story out there inspired by Rowling’s words, I hope this list of some of the best Harry Potter fan fiction will lead you on a path to finding what’s right for you.


After her education at Hogwarts, she met and married Draco and the two had a son, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Astoria died during the summer of , due to her blood curse. Born into the Greengrass family , among the oldest, truly pure-blooded families in Britain , Astoria and her older sister, Daphne , were brought up in the ideals of Pure-blood supremacy. Astoria attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

During the Battle of Hogwarts , she was evacuated for being too young.

Inability to see their own hypocrisy. That aside, it has its moments. (The Fall of the house of Potter, a harry potter fanfic). Harry Potter And The Marriage Contracts.

I want you all to know that I do NOT find anything appealing about child abuse, sexual abuse or that I am in any way a pedophile. This is just a story, and the shit Vernon puts Harry and Daphne through explains how they are when they get older, and the attachment they have to one another. The moment Harry was placed at the Dursleys, he was abused and overworked, starved and neglected. However, upon turning eight, his uncle began to notice just how beautiful the boy was becoming and so he acted.

Moving Harry into the spare bedroom, Vernon then began touching Harry, telling the boy that he loved him and that he wanted Harry to feel how much he loved him. Child naivety and innocence had Harry going along with it, desperate as he was for love and affection. He was scared, yet at the same time, the touches felt really good. Eventually, Vernon coerces Harry into sleeping with him. Confused and rather scared himself, Harry does so. Vernon also demands that the girl undress Harry as well.

Harry Potter Fan Fiction – Forbidden Love Season 1 Episode 1